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School Programs

A school program is where students participate in tennis at their elementary/primary school. We offer programs during physical education class (gym), lunch time, or after school. We currently offer programs to all schools in Calgary (and area), Airdrie, and Okotoks. We do not offer any programs to schools in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, or Red Deer at this time*.
*Please contact us to discuss the possibility of offering a program in other cities.
The lessons are typically 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour long; we work with the school to accommodate the school's class schedule.
Students are encouraged to have their own racquet; however, having your own racquet is not mandatory in cases where the school will provide them. With a Physical Education school program, ATA provides the racquets for use, free of charge to the school and students. In the event that a program is held during lunch time or after school, we will rent them out in some cases (lunch or after school programs) or provide the racquets for free out the racquets.

Low-compression tennis balls, which are safe for indoor use, are always provided for use during any program run by ATA.
School Purchasing Racquets
If the school would like to purchase and provide racquets for their students that they (the school) get to keep at the end of the program, they can do so at a discounted price, please contact us for more details. We offer racquets in sizes of 19, 21, 23, or 25 inches; the sizes are in most cases good for students in grades 1 to 5). Low compression balls are also available for purchase along with portable tennis nets.
We require a teacher to be present at all times if the program is during the physical education class. The lunch program and after school program do not require teacher supervision.
The price of each program greatly depends on the duration of lessons (30, 45, or 60 minutes), and the number of students participating (number of students relates to number of coaches needed) as we would like to make sure we provide as many coaches as we feel is/are necessary for the group of students. The price is decided according to the "scale" that incorporates duration (of lessons), number of lessons, and number of students into the formula. Please contact us.
Number of Students
The number of participants all depends on the size of the gym. We always put safety first and we know exactly how many students can participate in a gym of a certain size at once. If there are too many students to participate at one time, then we like to split the class in 2 smaller groups (usually done for lunch programs and after school programs). For physical education classes we do not like to  split the grou as we would like to have the students around their classmates as much as possible, but if necessary, then it will be done for safety reasons. We will have a coach come in and give an exact number of participants that the gym can hold at once. This will be done several weeks before the start of the program.
For more information about anything mentioned here, or the scale of prices, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the information. If you are contacting us regarding prices, please provide us with the number of students participating, the duration of each lesson you would like, and the number of lessons.
Who Pays?
We are often asked this question by parents. Most schools choose the lunch program or after school program where parents pay for their child to participate in the lessons. When the school chooses the "physical education" program then the school, in most cases, pays for the program, but sometimes teachers will send a letter out to parents asking them if they wish their child participates in the program for a low cost of (price offered) and then the price might partially be paid by the parents. Who pays depends on what is discussed and finalized at the meeting.
If the school pays:

Daily Program Prices
$1750 + tax:
1 day-a-week program for 6 weeks (30 hours). This program is usually during the physical education class. School picks which day of the week.
$2200 + tax:
2 days-a-week program for 4 weeks (40 hours). School picks the 2 days a week the lesson will be held.
$ 3120 + tax:
3 days-a-week program for 4 weeks (60 hours). Days of the week are picked by the school.
Weekly Program Prices

$1600 + tax
1 week of tennis (up to 25 hours)
$2880 + tax (10% discount)
2 weeks of tennis (up to 50 hours)
$3600 + tax (25% discount)
3 weeks of tennis (up to 75 hours)

* Please note that all prices above are subject to change and may not be the most current prices. Please contact us.