Advantage Tennis Academy - Training players one shot at a time
Policies, Procedures, and Weather Delays

  • Coaches (other than Jelena Tomasovic) are permitted to accept payment and registration forms.
  • For programs, post dated cheques are acceptable; however one must be dated on the day of registration for 75% of the full price. The balance is to be paid at least 1 week before the start of the program.
  • Camps must be paid in full at time of registration.
  • At least a 75% payment and a complete registration form are needed to secure a position in the program.
  • Cheques should be made out to Advantage Tennis Academy Inc.
  • A $40 fee will be applied for Bad Cheques
  • A $30 administration fee may be applied for students attending more than 3 classes without payment/receipt

  • A notice (by e-mail or phone) of 72 hours is needed, prior to the start of the first lesson, to receive a full refund if you would like to withdraw from the program/camp.
  • A partial refund (which will be decided and calculated by Advantage Tennis Academy) will be given to you if there is someone willing to take the opening spot in the camp/group you have left. Otherwise, if that spot can not be filled, we will be unable to refund your money.
  • No refunds are given if there are 3 or fewer classes left in the camp/program you have signed up for.
  • Any unused gift cards, vouchers, or coupons (bought through Advantage Tennis Academy or a separate party) can only be used during the months of business operation. Currently  we operate between May and September (subject to change with out notice). In the event that there are unused lessons or money by the end of the season, one must wait until the following outdoor season to redeem their lessons.

Missed Practises, Cancellation due to Weather, and Rescheduling:
  • If a player does not show up for a lesson or if they have to miss it, Advantage Tennis Academy is not obligated to reschedule a make-up lesson. We will do our best to accommodate you and find an open spot to make the lesson up; however, please be advised that the location and time might be different from what you originally signed up for.
  • Please be aware that there is a possibility of having to reschedule lessons. We do our best to provide sufficient notice and to accommodate people who cannot attend the rescheduled class.
  • Please be aware that it might not be raining in all parts of the city. If you are unsure whether a lesson will take place due to the weather, please call us to verify at 403-969-5003.
  • If the courts have puddles or are wet enough that participants are at risk of getting hurt (slipping) or the balls might be too wet to bounce then the lesson is cancelled.
  • If the lesson gets rained out ¾ of the way through the lesson then there will not be a make up for the remaining part of the lesson. If the lesson gets rained out prior to the ¾ mark then the remaining part of the time will be made up at another time.

  • In some occasions the regular coach may not be able to make it to the lesson, we will do our best to try and provide the same coach consistently throughout the lessons; however, please be aware that coaches may change without notice.
  • Should you ever wish to provide feedback about a certain coach, please do so by contacting us by e-mail. We welcome all feedback and all feedback will be considered confidential.

Nutrition, Attire, and Equipment:
  • Adults are required to have their own racquets for the lessons.
  • Children are required to have their own rackets. Racquets can be purchased though us and we would be happy to share where else you can purchase a racquet if the ones we offer are not suitable for your child's needs.
  • Children's racquets are rentable from us, provided we have the right size in stock. Please contact for price.
  • Comfortable athletic wear is mandatory; jeans are not acceptable; we are all training and working in a professional environment. We need to be respectful to the players around us.
  • Non-marking sneakers (tennis shoes are preferred) are required.
  • Participants should have clean indoor/gym shoes for the indoor season.
  • It is recommended that children bring water bottles especially for the outdoor season.
  • Children may bring snacks.
  • Hats are recommended on hot days.
  • Bring your water!

Parent Involvement:
  • We encourage parents to stay and watch the ir children's lessons.  If there are any comments or questions regarding the content of a lesson, please feel free to discuss these with us at the end of the lesson or by e-mail if a another lesson is held following the previous hour.

Behaviour and Discipline:
  • Coaches reserve the right to ask a child to sit down during a lesson after giving them 2 warnings, if the coach believes the child is acting in a way that distracts or causes conflict among children in the group.
  • If a child continues to misbehave, Head Coach, Jelena Tomasovic, will set up a meeting with the child and their parents to discuss solutions to the behavioural problem.
  • If a child’s behaviour continues to distract the rest of the group after the meeting, they will then be given a final warning to improve their behaviour.
  • If a child’s behaviour continues to distract the rest of the group after the final warning, then Advantage Tennis Academy Inc reserves the right to ask that child to leave the program without a refund.